Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed and sold by Microsoft. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

This is course is intended for all levels of professionals seeking experience with MS Project to manage projects specially for Project Managers who want to use MS Project to manage projects

The benefits of project management serve everyone involved in the PM process: the manager who oversees the project, the client who anxiously awaits for the completed project and the production team which gets the project up and running. Project management is not rocket science, yet it often gets dressed up that way. At its foundation lies a bedrock of basic organizational skills, which - come to think of it - might as well be rocket science the way some managers grapple with the concept.

Solid knowledge and skill on Microsoft Project.

This course is an instructor led program with hands on labs and real life scenario. It is delivered with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, question and answer sessions and project. This course is based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), participants are expected to bring their own device. There will be a special session for installation of software in their machines before the course starts. However, there will be provision for those who are unable to manage their device.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Create and maintain calendars
  3. Create custom fields
  4. Customize option settings
  5. Enter and edit resource information
  6. Create and edit resource assignments
  7. Manage resource allocation
  8. Manage resource allocations by using Team Planner
  9. Model project costs
  10. Set and maintain baselines
  11. Update actual progress
  12. Compare progress against a baseline
  13. Resolve potential schedule problems
  14. Display critical path information
  15. Apply and customize views
  16. Share data with other applications
  17. Configure and display reports and dashboards
  18. Connect and share data with SharePoint
  19. Extend Project