Implementing Sales and Distribution with SAP ERP.

SAP Sales and Distribution is one of the key components of SAP ERP system and is used to manage shipping, billing, selling and transportation of products and services

This course is intended for finance professionals, auditors, individuals targeting SAP-FICO solution consultancy and IT professionals.

After completing the course, the participant will have clear knowledge on SAP FICO.

Solid knowledge and skill on SAP FI or completion of following course:
IC6001: SAP FI for Practitioners

This course is an instructor led program with hands on labs and real life scenario. It is delivered with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, question and answer sessions and project. This course is based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), participants are expected to bring their own device. There will be a special session for installation of software in their machines before the course starts. However, there will be provision for those who are unable to manage their device.

Customer Master and Material Master

  1. Create Customer Master
  2. Create Customer Number Range for Sales and Assign to Customer Account Groups
  3. How to Create Partner Function
  4. How to Create Material Stock
  5. How to Create Customer Material Info Record
  6. How to get Overview of Material Stock
  7. Create Material Master for Sales View
  1. Overview of Sales Activities
  2. How to Create Inquiry
  3. How to Create Quotation
  4. How to Create Sales Order
  5. How to Create Debit Memo
  6. How to Create Credit Memo
  7. How to Create Sales Document Type
  8. All about Sales Document (header / item / schedule)
  9. Text determination for sales document header / item
  10. What is Schedule Line Category and how to define it
  11. How to create Item Proposal
  12. All About Material Exclusion & Inclusion (Listing)
  1. How to Determine Shipping Point
  2. How to create Picking, Packing and PGI
  3. Returns, Free of Charge Delivery, Sub-sequent Delivery
  4. All About Consignment Process
  5. Output proposal using the condition technique
  6. Substituting Reason
  1. How to Create Bill of Materials
  2. How to Correct Invoice
  3. How to Define Item Category
  4. Steps to Create Blocking Reason
  1. Determine Pricing by item category
  2. All About Tax Determination Procedure
  3. All about Text Type
  4. SAP Item Category Determination: VOV7, VOV4
  5. All About Condition Exclusion Group
  6. Accounting Key
Credit Management
  1. Guide to Credit Management in SAP