Ensure Information System Quality with the Proven Industry Practices.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a set of activities for ensuring quality in software engineering processes that result a quality software products. Software Quality Assurance encompasses the entire software development life cycle and the goal is to ensure that the development and/or maintenance processes are continuously improved to produce products that meet specifications/requirements. The process of Software Quality Control (SQC) is also governed by Software Quality Assurance (SQA).

This course intended for individual who want to build or progress their career as testers. This course is also required for systems and business managers, project leaders, analysts, auditors, and others responsible for information system quality.

After completing the course participants will learn about SQA and SQC, Failure causes and factors critical to success in information system development. Software Quality Assurance functions, Test planning techniques, Measurement of quality and SQA/Testing effectiveness.

Basic idea about computer software.

This course is an instructor led program with hands on labs and real life scenario. It is delivered with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentations, question and answer sessions and project. This course is based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), participants are expected to bring their own device. There will be a special session for installation of software in their machines before the course starts. However, there will be provision for those who are unable to manage their device.

  1. Software Quality and Quality Assurance
  2. Software Processes
  3. Quality Assurance Concepts
  4. Functional and Non-Functional Testing
  5. Test Planning
  6. Designing and Writing Test Cases
  7. Measuring and Managing Testing