Frequently asked questions

Definitely, it works. We are working on outsourced projects since 2007. It entirely the depends on the company you are working with. We keep in touch and update the progress regularly over phone, skype and other online system. Furthermore, If a company is practicing agile, that means you are in close collaboration with them, we follow Agile Methodology specifically Scrum method for software development.

We develop software keeping in mind that a product always evolves. We design the system using separate layers for each concern making a loose coupling. You may want to convert a desktop based application into a web application. As the business logic, data access and infrastructure services remain in separate layers, you will not need a complete rewrite, developing a web UI in the presentation layer will do the work. Same goes about database and so on.

We ensure quality from the very beginning to delivery. We have adopted Test Driven Development, it is a practice in which a test is written first and actual coding is done to pass the test. Our developers write unit test as many as required to maximize the code coverage. We conduct Integration test, regression test and automatic UI test at the end of each iteration. We regularly arrange SQA related training for the development team to increase awareness.

This is true that we charge lower for the same quality jobs done in the US or Europe. However, this is not done comprising team with amateur members, neither by developing substandard software. We operate from Bangladesh, where living costs are lower; and the primary reason is that we have our processes, templates, software libraries ready for work which gives us advantage to develop quality software by properly utilizing resources.

We do not even add your project name in our portfolio. The software product which we develop for you on basis of “Work made on hire” is entirely yours. We may sign non-disclosure agreement as required. Our employees are bound by company confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. We have also had our privacy policy defined to protect your privacy. Please refer to